July 5, 2016

The Turnova™

Milford, DEHow do you literally “Save Face”?  First State Manufacturing has applied their reverse engineering innovation and manufacturing skills to a unique product called the Turnova™ which provides an easily applied after-market safety covering for exposed metal bars that can be found just about everywhere in daily life.  Exposed metal can be found on turnstiles, columns, bollards and many other applications in the workplace, in public venues, schools and amusement parks.

Nobody expects a right hook from a turnstile or other exposed metal bar, but it’s happened. Injuries that range from banging your face, your knee, or your funny bone to scrapes, pinches, bumps and bruises are not laughing matters. And as much as it can hurt physically, no one wants to admit that a metal bar got the best of them.  Application of the Turnova™ safety sleeve from First State Manufacturing can help to avoid the pain, embarrassment and trouble of your employees or customers hurting themselves.

The Turnova™ comes standard with easy-grip padding that starts at 1/4″ and increases incrementally depending on the level of protection you need. It has an anti-microbial covering, which comes in your choice of colors, and you can choose from two non-slip inner backings to assure “stay-in-place” installation. The Turnova™ is made of long-lasting, industrial strength fabric, is designed for easy-on/easy-off and features a heavy duty zipper or Velcro for ease of installation.  The Turnova™ is fully customizable with regard to size, color, and thickness of the padding and corporate or team logo.

Originally developed on behalf of Procter and Gamble for their entry-way full height turnstiles as a result of a safety concern, the Turnova™ has been widely used in distribution facilities such as Amazon and Proctor & Gamble throughout the United States.  “We made an investment in developing the Turnova™ ten years ago and the solution has proven  to be effective with long term benefits for those who have purchased this product,” said Scott Crothers, Vice President of Marketing of First State Manufacturing.  “We work in conjunction with Neutech Packaging Systems whom we trust with the distribution of the Turnova™ as well as our own clients who work directly with First State Manufacturing.  Between the business we receive from direct sales and our relationship with our distributor, we manufacture Turnova™ sleeves every few weeks.”

“While First State Manufacturing is well known for providing quality upholstery and cut and sew services for mass transit, the U.S. military, municipalities and a wide array of commercial customers,  this is the first time we have offered a truly proprietary product,” continued Mr. Crothers.  “We had been manufacturing the Turnova™ for so many years that it literally took fresh eyes to see that we had an unusual product to offer, that we should trademark it and take the next step which included re-naming what we were calling a ‘safety sleeve’ the Turnova™, develop a web presence and see where it goes from there.  It truly is a very simple and elegant solution for a multitude of safety concerns.” 

First State Manufacturing has earned its reputation for providing solutions that solve the challenges its customer’s face, while continuing to grow manufacturing jobs in Delaware.
To learn more about the Turnova™, go to www.TheTurnova.com , www.neutechpackaging.com or visit the First State Manufacturing website at www.FirstStateMfg.com, or contact 302 424 4520.