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First State Manufacturing has an established track record in serving government and military needs, having worked as a certified contract seating company and textile manufacturer in this sector for more than 15 years. From military aircraft seating to metro-rail chairs, we’re a qualified company that can be trusted to fulfill every requirement.

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Description   NSN Number
Curtain Assembly   1680-01-232-0034
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing   1730-01-183-4502
Case, Bipod   1005-00-283-9439
Sling, Small Arms   1005-00-312-7177
Bag, Barrier, w/ VCI Treated Liner   1005-00-336-0228
Case, Small Arms, Cleaning   1005-00-403-5804
Cover, Ammunition   1005-00-410-2194
Cover, Gun, 50-Caliber (H)   1005-00-487-4100
Case, Small Arm   1005-00-550-6573
Cover, Gun sight   1005-00-600-8935
Roll, Spare, Parts   1005-00-650-7302
Cover, Machine Gun (H)   1005-00-653-3913
Cover, Spare Barrel   1005-00-659-1031
Cover, Gun Mount   1005-00-659-1428
Cover, Gun Mount   1005-00-707-0725
Cover, Gun Mount   1005-00-713-6738
Strap Assembly, Gun sling, Short   1005-00-714-1245
Cover, Elevator Top   1005-00-716-2097
Cover, Base & Elevator   1005-00-716-2099
Cover, Spare Barrel   1005-00-779-6026
Cover, Gun (H)   1005-00-781-9108
Case, Barrel, Machine   1005-00-791-5420
Cover, Spare Barrel (H)   1005-00-796-4436
Bag, Empty Cartridge   1005-00-799-7410