Aqua Miser

The Aqua Miser is one of the newest tools in the FSM team’s arsenal. This high pressure (15,000 to 40,000 psi) water blaster/cleaner designed by Carolina Equipment Company allows First State Manufacturing to tackle even the hardest removal and resurfacing jobs. The machine has already been used to remove anti-skid from the C-5 Galaxy cargo floor, ramps and extension toes, however, it does have a wide array of capabilities beyond removing anti-skid. As long as there is an adequate water supply the Aqua Miser can be used for: cleaning, stripping paint from surfaces layer by layer and removing heavy corrosion from surfaces.

While it is a water only unit, the Aqua Miser can be easily combined with a low volume abrasive media injection system. The pressure fed system feeds virtually any abrasive media up to distances exceeding 500 feet away or up to 200 feet straight up. The abrasives are used to attain a wide variety of blasting specifications, including concrete preparation, profiling steel, white metal finish, degreasing, and cleaning.

The Aqua Miser has proven itself in a variety of industrial and commercial environments and is a perfect addition to First State Manufacturing’s expanding line of services.