October 15, 2018

First State Manufacturing Celebrates the Next Generation

MILFORD.  As a part of their ongoing partnership with education and community, First State Manufacturing once again hosted Cape Henlopen High School’s Textile students as part of the National Manufacturing Day celebrations.  

Alayna Aiken, Cape Instructor for the course, shares “the tour of FSM is always exciting…to see the inside workings of manufacturing is eye opening.  Year after year the growth of FSM is evident, and the way the company organizes itself around different projects teaches us to be flexible to the needs of our customers.  It’s also amazing that such an operation is so close to home and employs so many local people.  But as the teacher, the direct impact on my students is priceless.”  The hands on learning changes their self-concept.  They go back experience for students provides them with a better understanding of what it means to have a hard work ethic and any hesitation they may have to their own machines.  FSM’s leadership provided student tours and shared about the possibilities in the field of manufacturing.  Aiken says, “Hands down it continues to be my favorite experience for my students because it has the biggest impact.” ­ 

Aiken adds, “A highlight to this year’s tour was how ready and prepared they were to support the needs for my student who is a little person.  Without hesitation they engineered the foot pedal with a homemade riser and lowered the table so that she could have the same experience as everyone else.  Unsung heroes work at FSM!” 

First State Manufacturing (FSM) is an award-winning, nationally-recognized small business and manufacturer with a footprint in government, transportation, municipalities, as well as commercial and residential markets.  Learn more at www.firststatemfg.com.